the oldest Polish perfumery

Since 1990, Aurelia has run Ambrozja by herself. It is one of a few Polish companies that, since a decline of the Communist regime, still functions. It is possible thanks to Aurelia’s passion and courage to introduce new, unique brands according to her own taste and feeling. As a result Ambrozja has gained a group of admirers and regular customers. For now, some of them have trusted Ambrozja‘‘s taste for over 20 years.
Today, Ambrozja is led by an energetic duet – Aurelia and her son – Kamil Adamski. Situated in Rybnik, the heart of a post-industrial and the richest Polish region, it is doubtlessly the most luxurious perfumery in the southern Poland. Rybnik is also in the middle of a junction of two communication routes: Prague-Vienna and Germany-Ukraine. Cracow is approachable within one hour and Wrocław within two.

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